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Ocean Community Challenge


Do you want to be a part of the solution? 
Come innovate with us!

The ocean is crying out for new ideas to survive and thrive! The Ocean Community Challenge (OCC) is a global challenge calling for these innovative solutions to solve ocean challenges. 


The driving force behind OCC is to inspire people to see the new opportunities that the ocean offers and to explore how emerging technologies leveraged with ocean resources could help solve the challenges of the ocean. 


We encourage the fast “design-build-test” approach and encourage the participants to experiment by building prototypes based on Technology, Ocean Resources, and Circular Economy Principles.


Our goal is to support and prepare the participants to take the next step into commercializing their ideas. We are working with experts and organizations within a wide range of ocean and tech-related activities - all dedicated to supporting the participants in developing and detailing high-impact solutions. 

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