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Ekbacken studios

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Ekbacken Studios AB is a startup based in Stockholm, Sweden that is a spinoff of Ocean Tech Hub Lda. In line with Peniche Ocean Watch’s original blue circular economy vision to upcycle fishing nets through additive manufacturing, the cofounders of Ocean Tech Hub explored many potential product ideas both in Portugal and Sweden.

However, it was not until the covid pandemic in spring 2021 when one of Ocean Tech Hub founders – Robin was walking her dog in Stockholm and met Kristina Tjäder, a cofounder of House of Dagmar – a Swedish fashion brand, that an idea began to take form. Within the next few months, the team grew to include OCT co-founder Jon Erik along with Karoline Teigland and Axel Andersson and went from talk to action, founding Ekbacken Studios AB with the vision of “turning waste into masterpieces”.

During the winter of  2022, the Ekbacken Studios team received confirmation that it was on the right track as it won a fiercely competitive spot in the “Sustaintech” category at Sting – one of the world’s best accelerators located in the heart of Stockholm’s “unicorn breeding” ground.

Today Ekbacken Studios designs and produces masterpiece furniture from upcycled fishing nets from Portugal through the sustainable production method of large-scale additive manufacturing using industrial robots. As part of Ocean Tech Hub’s social sustainability model, a portion of Ekbacken Studios profits is returned to Peniche Ocean Watch to be invested in local initiatives working actively with social and environmental sustainability.

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