Sculptur ocean

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The Sculptur Ocean project is focused on developing the local production of new products from marine waste using the emerging technology of large scale additive manufacturing (3D printing). The production is planned to take place in POW's 2Rodas microfactory in Peniche.

We are also exploring the use of innovative hybrid nanocomposite materials for large-scale 3D printing of structures for the marine environment. Our goal is to enable the production of high-performance marine structures that are sustainable throughout their lifecycle through combining the revolutionary material properties of graphene, such as increased strength, antibacterial, wear resistance, and reduced friction,  with 3D printing’s advantages of producing light, high performing, customized, and complex structures in a more sustainable production process than can be achieved through traditional production. 

Sculptur Ocean is a collaboration among partners, Ocean Tech Hub LDA, NarWave AB, and Sculptur AB.